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Get your Glow back!

Are you fed up of being exhausted, forgetful and anxious and crave the old you back? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Let's start this amazing journey by booking your 30 minute complimentary Happy Hormones Nutrition call with me!

Want to feel radiant, empowered and energised?

Are you experiencing weird moods, hot flashes and disturbed sleep? Has your weight increased without you changing what you eat? You seem to be in a spiral of exhaustion and your anxiety levels are worse than ever. You wonder where your life has gone and want to feel like you again?

My name is Yasmin Latif. I'm a registered nutritional therapist and health coach specialising in women and their hormones. I am also that woman – the one who used to have all those symptoms I listed above. I know how much that sucks and I’ve learned the health hacks to meet those challenges head-on. Work with me and can gain the confidence and knowledge to feel like you have the control over your mind and body again and live the happy and healthy life you deserve.

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Learn my nutrition and lifestyle strategies to manage your symptoms of perimenopause or menopause naturally and feel like YOU again. Download my free ebook.......Now.

What I Offer...

A complimentary 30 minute call with me to discuss your health issues and how nutritional therapy and health coaching can help you.

Personalised 1 to 1 health programmes that suit you to meet your health goals and challenges.

Bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plans. Specialised to meet your nutritional needs with the help of science backed evidence.

Functional testing, to measure physiological biomarkers for a targeted approach to nutrition and lifestyle.

Meet Yasmin

I'm Yasmin Latif, a nutritional therapist and health coach based in South West London.

I work with women that are experiencing the following symptoms:


Anxiety, depression and low mood

Weight management

Hot flashes


Chronic stress


Sleepless nights

Brain fog

Thyroid issues

Hair loss

Digestive health


I use evidence based scientific research to help address your root causes so you can achieve results that will support your health and wellbeing through your 30s, 40s and beyond. 

My approach is unique as I combine health coaching skills to motivate and inspire you. No more calorie counting and diets which are not sustainable long term. I focus on getting back to enjoying real food without the guilt.

Start your amazing journey back to YOU.


Book your complimentary 30 minute Happy Hormones Nutrition call with me by tapping the button below. Together we can help you to start living the life you deserve and beyond!

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