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Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life.

It is natural to feel scared, stressed, weepy and drained. But the transition of the perimenopause to menopause does not have to be a lonely, long and rocky road of feeling exhausted, weight gain and hot flashes. I can help you with a unique, personalised nutritional and lifestyle plan for your symptoms. No more pressure on what diet works and what exercise class to sign up to. I will guide you throughout your journey on eating the right foods and advise you on the lifestyle changes that compliment you and your life naturally. I treat each client is as an individual by working with them one to one for 3 months (online) to ensure they stay motivated, compliant and are successful in reaching their health goals.   

All packages include:

  • Initial online consultation 90 minutes (Zoom) to discuss your health goals.

  • Follow up online consultations 40 minutes consultations (number of consultations depends on package).

  • A comprehensive 3-day food diary analysis to assess current eating habits

  • Full health and lifestyle assessment to consider root causes, symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress, food diary, eating habits.

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan with supplements (if required), which will be adapted as you progress.

  • Nutrition and lifestyle plan feedback and explanation, 30 minutes. 

  • Education and nutritional advice.

  • Weekly food diary analysis (Rejuvenate only). 

  • Tailored resources including recipes, handouts (and shopping lists for Rejuvenate only) suitable for health goals. 

  • Nutrient/drug interactions assessment (if needed).

  • 10% discount on supplements (Restore and Revive), 15% discount (Rejuvenate only), whilst working with me.

  • Recommendation on testing and interpretation for Revive and Rejuvenate only (at an extra cost).

  • Health coaching, accountability and support throughout the programme to help address challenges and motivation to eat healthily.

  • My complimentary ebook 'Glow From the Inside Out' (Rejuvenate only).

  • Email support throughout your programme (1 x week).

  • Payment plans available on request.

Functional tests & supplements may be recommended depending on needs and not included in packages. This will be discussed in initial consultation.

Not sure what package suits your needs? Book your 30 minute call with me.

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