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Meet Yasmin


My Story

Hello, I'm Yasmin Latif and I am a registered nutritional therapist and health coach. I specialise in helping women manage their weight, hormones and getting back to feeling themselves again. I combine personalised nutrition, lifestyle approaches and health coaching to help you to achieve your best life, without compromising your time and energy.  

My mission is to help women to feel great in their own skin by empowering them to take control over what is happening in their bodies in the next decade. Being a woman over 40 myself, I understand the science of what you eat and how to treat your body at this important time. I can motivate and guide you to get your passion for life back.  

As a mother of 5 and being perimenopausal I completely understand where you are in this point of your life. Having suffered from heightened anxiety, mood swings, feeling exhausted and creeping weight gain, I found myself confused, tearful and asking myself, 'Where have I gone?' Little did I know some of these were symptoms of hormonal imbalance and perimenopause.

Getting back to You

I trained and qualified at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated with a distinction. Soon after I trained as a health coach so I can support clients like you to achieve their health goals. Making small but significant changes in how I eat and lived helped me to get back my body and mind.

Everyday I speak to women like you, who feel their hormones are out of control. They are struggling with poor sleep, low energy, mood swings, irregular and heavy periods and brain fog.


I can support you and hold your hand so you can get your love for life back. If you want a natural bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan backed with science (that is not boring or overwhelming) and with the guidance and motivation to ensure you get there, then I am your lady! I am committed in improving your health and wellbeing. All you need to do is make yourself a priority. 

How Nutritional Therapy can help you?



MSc, BSc (Hons), Dip NT (CNM).

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Start your amazing journey back to YOU.

Book your complimentary 30 minute Happy Hormones Nutrition call with me by tapping the button below. Together we can help you to start living the life you
 deserve and beyond!

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